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Natural varnish Terre de Lave 500 ml

Natural varnish Terre de Lave 500 ml


Beautiful deep brown shade

  • Technical sheet


    Drying between coats, minimum 60 minutes,

    can be used after 24 hours, supports loads

    after a week


    Approx. 5 m2 (1 layer) depending on the support, per 500 ml bottle

    Storage and conservation:

    Away from any flame or source of sparks, out of reach of children and the bottle tightly closed.


    Highly flammable

    Equipment cleaning:

    Cleaning the brush with ethanol or methylated spirits



    Natural raw materials, lets the wood breathe, can be renovated at any time with the Secrets d'Atelier linseed oil renovator, in case of water or alcohol stains and drying out. After a few years and depending on the degree of stress, the application of a new layer tends to melt the one below, with the final result of producing a single layer. The old cast iron "welds". Repairs are therefore easy and completely invisible. The surface regains all its shine, without stripping or sanding.




    Brew before use. Use a quality varnishing brush. Apply the varnish in thin layers on sanded wood finish 120. 2 to 3 layers according to support, with sanding and intermediate dusting with sanding paper for varnish (gray) grain no 320. The varnish can be diluted to 10% maximum with absolute ethanol.



    Do not breathe vapors, use only in well ventilated areas. In the case of a renovation, make a preliminary test on an inconspicuous surface, to test the grip and the rendering.


    Application domain

    Any surface in sanded wood and, on a case-by-case basis, on surfaces already treated (old varnishes, waxes), in renovation or decoration.

    Satin protective finish for metal and floor wax.


    Tips and tricks

    It is possible to apply the varnish to surfaces already treated in the past with natural varnish or wood wax, without stripping them; thoroughly clean the already varnished or waxed surface with the Secrets d'Atelier® renovator, do not leave any excess product on the surface, wipe with a cloth, allow to dry for at least 48 hours and apply a new coat of varnish.


    The varnish can be tinted with the natural Secrets d'Atelier® pigments, the possibilities and decorative effects are limitless.

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