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Renocolor 200 ml

Renocolor 200 ml


Cleans and protects discolored surfaces in a single operation


  • Technical sheet


    Liquid two-phase preparation composed of linseed oil, contains absolute ethanol, to be stirred before use.


    A few minutes after buffing


    Approximately 5 m2 under renovation per 200 ml bottle

    About 10 m2 untreated surface, per 1000 ml bottle

    Storage and conservation:

    Away from any flame or source of sparks, out of reach of children and the bottle tightly closed.

    Equipment cleaning:

    Rinse the cloth or brush with soap and water after use, risk of spontaneous combustion!



    Natural raw materials. Mixed with pigments, tints and protects raw woods. Cleans and deeply nourishes discolored surfaces in a single operation. Keep the existing patina by revaluing it. Increased protection after treatment. Authentic and natural finish

    Does not clog the surface, gives it depth. Non-greasy touch




    Shake before use

    For the treatment of rough wood: occurs in a single layer with fresh saturation on fresh, with or without pigments with a brush. For Renocolor pigmented, stir from time to time during application.

    For renovations, use a lint-free cotton cloth or a brush, wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.



    Make a preliminary test on an inconspicuous surface, we are not able to grasp all the possible cases concerning the interaction of certain products between them. Do not pour Renocolor directly on the surface to be renovated. Rinse the rags or brushes with water and black soap immediately after use, risk of spontaneous combustion!


    Application domain

    Wood - metal - plastic - stone, painted or natural, interior and exterior

    Matt protection finish for waxed exposed screed.

    Tips and tricks

    If the water or sun spots are not completely gone, repeat the operation by carefully rubbing the spots with a 000 steel wool pad;

    Always wipe off excess immediately after application, do not allow it to dry on the surface.

    After a treatment with Renocolor, it seems that your surface is not nourished enough, repeat the operation after at least 48 hours.

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