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Waxed concrete Les Bétons 1000 ml

Waxed concrete Les Bétons 1000 ml


Natural and non-toxic raw materials. Authentic finish with incomparable light reflection on the pigmented surface. Easy instructions and application for immediate rendering and odorless, modular in colors.

  • Technical sheet


    Dough composed of beeswax and carnauba with

    non-toxic solvent, based on fatty acid esters

    Drying time

    One week before applying the protective finish with Renocolor or Clair de Lune Varnish; final drying, one week after the application of Renocolor or Varnish; very resistant after a month.


    10 m2 per liter


    1000 ml cans


    Dry, away from heat

    Equipment cleaning

    With soap and water




    The screed must be sanded, dry and not greasy.

    Apply colored or natural floor wax using a lint-free cotton cloth or a single brush for larger areas. Leave to dry for a week before applying the topcoat and protective coat with Renocolor or Clair de Lune Varnish; usable after a week, very resistant after a month.


    Application domain

    Anhydrite or cement screeds, your pieces will take the time to live according to your desires, towards respect for your environment.


    Tips and tricks

    Was your floor accidentally scratched? You can touch up the surface at any time by applying a little wax with a small brush to fill the gap; unlike synthetic waxed concrete, our floor wax can be renovated in the event of conduction stains (white stains due to standing water), apply a little Renocolor to the cloth by dabbing the stain, your soil will be unified.



    Wash your soil with water and black soap with linseed oil Workshop secrets, this product is perfectly suited to the maintenance of this type of treatment, it cleans effectively, without attacking the protective film and it is 100% natural!

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