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Wood wax 450 ml

Wood wax 450 ml


100% Beeswax and Carnauba

Authentic and natural finish, giving depth and character to your rough woods

  • Technical sheet


    Paste composed of beeswax and carnauba with non-toxic solvent based on fatty acid esters


    12 to 24 hours depending on medium


    Approx. 5 m2 depending on the support, per 200 ml box


    About 12 m2 for 450 ml

    Storage and conservation:

    Dry, away from heat

    Equipment cleaning:

    With water and black soap



    Natural and non-toxic raw materials. Let the surface breathe. Authentic and natural finish giving depth and character. Can be tinted cold with natural pigments.




    The support must be clean, non-greasy and sanded.



    Apply a first thin layer of wax, this should be as thin as possible, repeat the operation after drying (around 24 hours); the wood must have absorbed the first layer to receive the second.

    Softwood will generally absorb more wax than hardwood. Adapt the drying times and the number of layers according to the support to be treated.

    After the last layer, let dry well and polish, it makes the wax shine and it closes the protective layer. Maintain with the Renovator for worktops, tables, and any stressed surface.


    Application domain

    Furniture, objects and raw wood surfaces inside.


    Tips and tricks

    Pass a dry cloth between layers (after 12 hours), this accelerates drying. A wax treatment brings a very natural and warm finish. If water spots appear on a surface treated with wax, apply the Renovator.

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