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Leather balm 450ml

Leather balm 450ml


100% Beeswax and Carnauba

Let your leathers breathe, nourish, protect and waterproof

  • Technical sheet


    Paste composed of beeswax and carnauba with non-toxic solvent based on fatty acid esters


    12 to 24 hours depending on medium


    About 12 m2 for 450 ml

    Storage and conservation:

    Dry, away from heat

    Equipment cleaning:

    With soap and water



    Natural and non-toxic raw materials. Let the surface breathe. Effectively protects and waterproofs after three applications. Authentic and natural finish.




    The leather must be clean and dry.



    Using a soft cloth, soak in thin layers and allow to dry well between layers, polish with a woolen cloth once the last layer is completely dry.


    Application domain

    Furniture, bags, jackets, shoes, saddlery, etc. Any smooth leather withered or to be waterproofed. Not suitable for suede, suede, nubuck, suede leather


    Tips and tricks

    Desiccated leather will generally regain its original color by being nourished; Can be tinted cold with natural pigments for a small local renovation (scratches). For the local renovation of a leather, take a little Baume Secrets d'Atelier® and mix with the pigments in the lid; treat the scratches and keep the rest of the colorless Balm to treat the entire leather. Leave to dry thoroughly after applying a colored balm to fix the shade. Then perform a good polishing. If polishing is carried out too quickly, the color will fade.

    Optimal waterproofing after 3 applications.

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